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NOTE: This course has been discontinued. It was last offered in 2013, and we do not plan to offer it again.

Introduction to Bioinformatics, turbo version (#27622) was a 5-point, MSc-level, intensive version of the full semester course Introduction to Bioinformatics (#27611). The curriculum of the first part of this course was the same as 27611, and the second part consisted of project work. This course was taught in English, and was a practical oriented, introductory course to the field of Bioinformatics, aimed at post-bachelor students. This course was offered every June on the DTU Lyngby campus. All students from DTU and other universities were welcome.
Please see the Course Program 2013.
For more information
Please contact Aron Eklund (Associate Professor, course responsible), Bent Petersen (Assistant Professor, course responsible) or Dorthe Kjærsgaard (Center and Course Administrator).
27611: Introduction to Bioinformatics: the full-semester, Danish-language version of this course that is currently offered every spring.
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