Bioinformatics For Human Biologists

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Bioinformatics for Human Biologists

One week intensive course for students at the "Human Biology" study-line at Panum.


Course programme

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The curriculum consists of hand-out notes and the computer exercises themselves. There is no formal text-book. All needed reading material will be available online, linked directly from these pages. The material can be read on a day-to-day basis.


The course is pass/fail based on participation (both lectures and exercises).

Where and when

The course takes place at various locations at the Panum Institute, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen. Please see the programme for more details.

The course runs Monday to Friday in Week 38 from 9:15 till ~16:30 (or whenever the computer exercises of the day have been completed) and Friday from 9:15 to 12:00.