36611: Introduction to Bioinformatics

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36611: Introduction to Bioinformatics / Introduktion til Bioinformatik

Formerly known as 27611

Practical information

DTU's Studies Handbook about #27611

This course will be taught in Danish, and is a practical oriented, introductory 4th semester course. All students from DTU and other universities are welcome.

For more information, please contact: Associate Professor Henrik Nielsen (hnielsen@cbs.dtu.dk), Associate Professor Bent Petersen (bent@cbs.dtu.dk), External Associate Professor Rasmus Wernersson (raz@cbs.dtu.dk), or Course Coordinator Dorthe Kjærsgaard (dorthek@cbs.dtu.dk).

If you want to participate in the course, please sign up through the Studies Division - "studiekontoret" - at DTU. If you are not enrolled at the Technical University of Denmark, you have to sign up as a guest student (more information here: General Information for guest students from other Danish Universities)

Course programme



Ancient versions: (from when the course was rather different - incl. the old courses 27011/30431):