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36040: Introduction to Systems Biology (bachelor course)

This is the main page for the "Introduction to Systems Biology" course (previously known as 27040 but not to be confused with the Master's level course 27641)

Network example: Protein-Protein interaction network for biomarkers involved in depression - Larsen & Wernersson, 2012.

About the course

The "Introduction to Systems Biology" course is a Bachelor level course aiming at:

  • Teaching a conceptual introduction to the core of Systems Biology.
  • Having a very large focus on Network Biology, including hands-on experience on how to work with, and critically interpret biological networks.
  • All teaching will be very closely related to actual biology.
  • We will work with examples of how the Systems Biology approach can be applied to biomedical research, and help find new biomarkers and potential drug targets.
  • The students will learn how to use the biological networks as a scaffold for more refined analyses using data integration (e.g. filtering the network using tissue-specific expression, or mapping in protein meta data).

Course organizers: Rasmus Wernersson (raz@bioinformatics.dtu.dk) ; Lars Rønn Olsen (lro@bioinformatics.dtu.dk)

Lecture plan


Recent past:

Archive: This can be seen here.